Care for yourself with a session of therapeutic massage. Our therapists are professional massage therapists, carefully selected to offer you an incredibly healing and restorative bodywork experience.

swedish-massage-therapeutic-ashevilleChoose from one of the bodywork experiences listed below:

  • Therapeutic Massage—This type of massage gives specialized attention to areas where you are experiencing pain, injury, or trauma. And because your place of concern can refer/cause pain and inflammation in other areas in the body, you therapist will work beyond the point of pain to address the issue, in a comprehensive manner.
  • Swedish Massage (gentle to deep)—This modality is the traditional full body massage experience. Great for stress, tightness, and poor circulation, our massage therapists will tailor the experience to your personal preferences. We use natural oils and will adjust pressure from gentle to deep, to offer you an experience which is deeply relaxing and stress-reducing.
  • Shirodhara & Abyanga—Shirodhara is the process in which oil is poured in a continuous stream of drip on the head, especially on the forehead. A traditional Ayurvedic massage, Abyanga applies generous amounts of warm, sesame oil to the whole body. Your massage therapist works the oil into the body to facilitate muscular and tissue absorption. Abyanga balances the body constitutionally and promotes healing on a deep cellular level. Pricing is different for this service, please contact Black Mountain Yoga for more information. 
  • Facilitated Stretching Massage – During this blended treatment, you receive simultaneous massage and passive stretching. This treatment lengthens tight muscles while flushing stagnant lactic acid from the deep tissues and joints. Many clients say it feels similar to an effortless yoga practice. Swedish massage is also incorporated to assure a balanced healing effect.

We offer the ultimate personalized massage/bodywork experience. Call us at (828) 669-2939 and share your health goals and preferences we will help you match the perfect therapist and treatment approach for you.

For us, yoga is more than a series of postures.

I love Black Mountain Yoga! The teachers, space, and classes are wonderful. I have been going to this studio since its inception and everyone who works there, including the owners Dr. Brad and Martia Rachman, make you feel like family. Highly, highly recommended if you live or are visiting the area and want to take a yoga class or go to a sauna.

– Caryn

We are committed to YOU and your yoga & wellness experience. No matter your age or ability, we are YOUR yoga studio.




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