Monthly archive for May 2020

Freedom from a Fixed Mind

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As humans, it is instinctual to look for safety, certainty and consistency. Ground to stand on. It is our nature.
We find ourselves, now, in an in-between place. We cannot know what the next weeks or months of life will look like. Each day new information and decisions come out.
What if instead of searching or clinging to certainty, we took a deep breath and allowed ourselves to let go into the ambiguity, even welcome it in?
Allow it to give us freedom from a fixed mind. To reimagine how things could be. To have a freed mindset, and be okay with “I don’t know, I can’t know”.
As you enter this new week, allow your yoga to be a space where you practice being uncertain.

Deeply breathing in “I don’t know, and I am okay” or simply “I am.”