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Freedom from a Fixed Mind

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As humans, it is instinctual to look for safety, certainty and consistency. Ground to stand on. It is our nature.
We find ourselves, now, in an in-between place. We cannot know what the next weeks or months of life will look like. Each day new information and decisions come out.
What if instead of searching or clinging to certainty, we took a deep breath and allowed ourselves to let go into the ambiguity, even welcome it in?
Allow it to give us freedom from a fixed mind. To reimagine how things could be. To have a freed mindset, and be okay with “I don’t know, I can’t know”.
As you enter this new week, allow your yoga to be a space where you practice being uncertain.

Deeply breathing in “I don’t know, and I am okay” or simply “I am.”

Restora™ Yoga Therapy for the Feet

In this video learn a few things you can do to create foot strength and how to stretch the tarsals and metatarsals (bones and joints) of the foot and toes. This practice will bring you better full-body structural alignment of the knees and hips, and reduce pain in the feet and ankles.

This informative Yoga Therapy video is with therapists,  Martia Rachman & Katie Hay of Black Mountain Yoga, NC.

Restora™ Low Back Yoga Therapy

Here a few simple Yoga Therapy postures and breathe work to decrease back pain and increase back, glute and posterior leg strength for the Low Back based on Restora Yoga Therapy Method for Black Mountain Yoga with Martia Rachman and Katie Hay, both Yoga Therapists for Black Mountain Yoga.


Contribution, Happiness & Self-Care

Have you ever noticed how happy it makes you to do something for someone else? – Even when your giving or gifting doesn’t personally affect you?

Research on the psychology of happiness and less or no depression notes that contribution can be our ticket to happiness. When you think you need more of something to be more to be happy, what if instead you ask yourself: “what can I do for someone (or a group of people)?” Read more