Contribution, Happiness & Self-Care

Have you ever noticed how happy it makes you to do something for someone else? – Even when your giving or gifting doesn’t personally affect you?

Research on the psychology of happiness and less or no depression notes that contribution can be our ticket to happiness. When you think you need more of something to be more to be happy, what if instead you ask yourself: “what can I do for someone (or a group of people)?”

Along with this contribution, it helps that you are personally and internally healthy – that you have enough in your cup to give, to ensure you do not become depleted. Some of you reading this will find it easy to give, but not always easy to receive. Here are a few questions I found helpful in The Buddhist Review: TricycleSpring 2009 edition, to create a goal sheet. I have modified some of the question examples.

I have found these questions helpful and hope you do too!

The Value of a Vow


I will restore my body by:
(e.g., going to bed earlier, spending more time on my mat, giving myself a self-massage with oil, getting in the sauna)

I will nourish my body by:
(e.g., hydrating, eating a healthier breakfast, eating slow and mindfully)

I will honor my body by:
(e.g., letting go of a bad habit, starting a new healthy practice, working on alignment in my yoga poses)



I will work with my mind by meditating daily for_______ minutes.

I will study scripture I resonate with daily.

I will do something that challenges my brain

(e.g., brush teeth with opposite hand, stay longer in yoga pose, puzzle of some type)



I will renew my spirit by:

(e.g., spending more time with kids or elders, walk in the woods, visit somewhere that interests me (i.e., gallery)

I will strengthen my spirit by:

(e.g., weekly attending a regularly scheduled yoga class, join a support group, take a spiritual workshop that I’m interested in.)


I hope you find by fulfilling these healthy goals for yourself, you will want to do more for others and see yourself and the recipient happier because of it.

I look forward to seeing you on your mat soon and helping you attain your goals!

In love and yoga,
and Your Black Mountain Yoga Family