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I would like to replace the images on the workshops page (in MBO) with a full size image (200×200 pixels shown below). Choose from the selections below for each workshop. The Laughter Workshop is listed 4 times in a row, so it would be nice to use 3 or 4 different photos so we are not repeating the same ones over and over.

yoga-therapy-teacher-training Yoga Therapy and Teacher Training

yoga-therapy-teacher-training3 Yoga Therapy and Teacher Training 2

yoga-therapy-teacher-training2 Yoga Therapy and Teacher Training 3

yoga-meditation-recovery-asheville Yoga and Meditation for Recovery

yoga-meditation-recovery3 Yoga and Meditation for Recovery 2

yoga-meditation-recovery-bmt Yoga and Meditation for Recovery 3

parents-night-out-yoga-black-mountain Parents Night Out 1

parents-night-out-black-mountain-yoga Parents Night Out 2

laughter-yoga-workshop-asheville Laughter Yoga 1

laughter-yoga-black-mountain Laughter Yoga 2 (we don’t own this one)

laughter-yoga-asheville Laughter Yoga 3

laughter-yoga5Laughter Yoga 4

laughter-yoga6Laughter Yoga 5

laughter-yoga-4Laughter Yoga 6

laughter-or-family-yoga-2Laughter or Family Yoga 1

laughter-or-family-yoga1Laughter or Family Yoga 2

family-yoga-night-black-mountain Family Yoga 1

kids-yoga-black-mountain Family Yoga 2

family-yoga-night Family Yoga 3

Replacement Photos for Private Yoga and Beginning Steps pages

private-yoga2 Replacement for Bob? (private yoga)

private-yoga1 Replacement for Bob? (private yoga)

beginning-steps Replacement for polkadot pants (left photo) on Beginning Steps page?

For us, yoga is more than a series of postures.

At least once a week there is a child in one of my yoga classes. For me this shows how inclusive, accessible, and welcoming BMY is. It is a non-competitive community where all ages, skill levels, body types, and colors of yoga pants are welcome to practice! Without any air of pretension or intimidation BMY provides me a near-daily retreat.

– Katie

We are committed to YOU and your yoga & wellness experience. No matter your age or ability, we are YOUR yoga studio.


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