Thank you to our many students & clients who have shared their experiences at Black Mountain Yoga below!

As a Clinical Social Worker working in psychiatry in the ER, I do an awful lot of thinking about thinking and have great respect for the mind/body connection’s power to either enhance or disable us.

So even though I may have known what I am about to share on an intellectual level, it was quite a deeper lesson for me FEELING it on a cellular level…

I often come to Martia’s hot class on Wednesdays and I’m used to it being a real challenge physically for me but this week it was especially challenging mentally. I think her class seemed aimed directly at me, because it offered what I most needed.

Our very first pose was a standing forward fold. I’m very flexible but even my bendy body did not want to start this way at 8:30am. As the class begun I realized that I wasn’t going to get my nice, seated neck and shoulder rolls or any cat/cow to warm up gently. We were just going to jump in head first and that was neither what I expected or wanted. But such is life. My mind and body groaned and grumbled, resisting with all their might, and longing for a different start to the class for about the first 20 minutes. I realized I was making it harder on myself by refusing to surrender to what was, but I just couldn’t let go of my disappointment and discomfort for a long while. But once I let go and shut off my mind/ego, I was totally in my body, totally in the present.

Only then was I able to make it through the rest of class, find my flow and the grace and power of letting go.

I was finally able to see the good in the moment, to appreciate with respect what my body was able to do for me even though it didn’t want to cooperate at first. I was no longer left missing out by longing for things that were not to be.

I began to connect my experience on the mat to my struggles off the mat.

In recent months I’ve been through so much emotional distress and discomfort that I literally wished I could crawl out of my own skin so I didn’t have to live there anymore. My mind/ego resisted, groaned and grumbled, longing for things to be different. Like my experience on the mat, once I finally surrendered and relaxed into the fact that many things are beyond my control, I was able to ride the distress like a wave, knowing that it too would pass.

In situations both on and off the mat I was left feeling stronger, more resilient and empowered after enacting the only meaningful change I could-conquering and quieting my own mind. And that made all the difference.

– Adrianne M.

Brad and Martia have a wealth of knowledge between the two of them. He’s a naturopath and she’s been a yoga therapist and master yoga teacher for a long time. Their combined knowledge is vast and they prepared us so well to become yoga therapists and teachers. They give us the best; we’re not shorted on anything. Nothing is abbreviated. We get the full extent of everything we need to know. And because of that we come away filled with confidence and the knowledge that we can do our very best as a yoga therapist and teacher. It is truly a wonderful spiritual experience; one of growth and learning about the body, heart, and mind. Personally, it is the first experience in which I’ve believed that I can be something else, something better, that I can be a teacher, therapist…a true healer.

– Allyson

What does Black Mountain Yoga do for me? When I walk thru the door it feels like family everyone is so sincerely caring and interested in each other… such warm feelings are shared. Then there is the pain in each bone and I wonder, how can I do “down dog” today? By the time the class is over all the pain is gone as we have stretched and relaxed the pain away. It is nothing short of a miracle how Yoga has changed my life to be free of pain and in addition the best for me is that I can totally communicate with my God and let go of all the worries in my life and allow myself to just BE . Something I am not able to do at home. Each instructor has a beautiful way of bringing the best yoga practice for that particular day that I am able to come . It’s simply amazing! It’s not a good day when I miss Black Mountain Yoga!

– Barbara

Yesterday I discovered yet another reason to practice yoga. I had my first lesson in voice coaching as I am trying to improve my voice for singing jazz standards. My teacher is using the mixed voice method which focuses greatly on breathing and controlling the flow of air up into the head. She said for a first-time student I understood and performed this technique better than any other person that she had worked with to date. I completely credit this to the focused pranayama I participate in at Black Mountain Yoga, primarily under Martia’s care. Everything this teacher was asking me to do was so easy because of the lessons I learned through pranayama breathing. So just another way that yoga reaches into so many parts of my life thank you Black Mountain Yoga. Becki

– Becki J

The training gave me the most awesome tools to take forth in life. And I love that I can share these healing tools with other people. I’ve learned more positive choices for my own life; in what I eat, how I think, and the knowledge of how to take better care of myself. And I can also now use yoga to help those around me. I’m doing things with more awareness on every level- physical, spiritual mental. It’s been a true deepening for me. This training is the guidebook to a healthier, fuller life. If Yoga Therapy is what you want to learn than take this training.

– Caitley

I love Black Mountain Yoga! The teachers, space, and classes are wonderful. I have been going to this studio since its inception and everyone who works there, including the owners Dr. Brad and Martia Rachman, make you feel like family. Highly, highly recommended if you live or are visiting the area and want to take a yoga class or go to a sauna.

– Caryn

Cinnamon guides her students through an informative flow that includes several yin poses and insightful take-a-ways to help to expand her students yoga practice- the Black Mountain Yoga experience exceeded our expectations. It is a clean, spiritual space designed to support meditation & mindfulness

– Vinyasa Flow student

Martia’s class is, without a doubt, one of the best things in my life! Studio is home, the staff are family, and the clientele are immediately my friends just by virtue of the fact that you provide such a welcoming, non judgmental, all encompassing practice. Martia’s guidance as an instructor is therapeutic mentally as well as the physical benefits yoga provides. It has become like water and air to my essential being. Thank you for this work you do for my walk in life would not be possible without it.

– Genevieve

With each visit to Black Mountain Yoga, I experience a grounding associated with the mind, body and earth connection. I have enjoyed a variety of classes over the past five years. These knowledgeable and experienced Yoga Instructors always create an atmosphere of intention that seems to resonate to my soul. This resultant connection provides me healing, strength and vitality.

– Iva

Black Mountain Yoga feels like home to me. The staff are friendly, warm, and accepting; the yoga studio is beautiful and comfortable (e.g., the floor is heated;) and my fellow students are of all ages-which I like. The quality of the teaching is excellent across all the teachers. I feel affection towards (and from) every one of them. After a year and a half, I have become stronger and more flexible– and more calm and mindful. I leave class with a smile on my face and in my heart.

– Karen

At least once a week there is a child in one of my yoga classes. For me this shows how inclusive, accessible, and welcoming BMY is. It is a non-competitive community where all ages, skill levels, body types, and colors of yoga pants are welcome to practice! Without any air of pretension or intimidation BMY provides me a near-daily retreat. Their sauna is also a nice treat, especially during the winter. I am very grateful we have this beautiful studio with its knowledgeable instructors (and reasonable prices!) in the Black Mountain community.

– Katie

For me this process has been truly transformational in my personal life. I feel more assured in my yoga practice, and more confident moving through the world in my body. I now have a vocabulary, knowledge base, and a wisdom that I didn’t have before this training. I find myself happier and more at peace. And I feel excited and prepared to share my knowledge with the world. If you’re worried about time, worried about giving up one weekend a month, don’t be. It is a joyful relaxing experience. I finish each weekend feeling alive, well rested, full and ready to begin the week. If you are even considering taking this training, you should do it!

– Lauren

I started taking yoga classes to try to improve my flexibility and balance. Little did I know what other benefit I would get. I had chronic hip pain. Every time I got up from a chair or got out of the car, my hip would hurt. That pain virtually disappeared after the first class I took at Black Mountain Yoga. I never imagined that would happen. The instructors there are the best!

– Leesa

I was very impressed with the atmosphere. It was welcoming, informative and the instructor, Martia, was observant and helpful. The physical building is impressive as well as functional and friendly. Love the heated floor!

– Slow Flow student

Black Mountain Yoga has been my spiritual and nurturing home since day one of its inception. When I walk in the door I am greeted as family with warmth, accommodation and loving kindness. From the minute I arrive, the rest of the world melts away and I am fully nourished in mind, body and spirit. I am able to face my own internal and physical challenges, calm my mind and feed my spirit and body helping me take these gifts away into my life.

As a physical therapist and healer, it is important to me to be able to receive healing on a regular basis in order to fully give to others. Marita, Brad, Katie and all of the beautiful and talented teachers at Black Mountain Yoga give back to me, so I can give forward. I am so grateful to have this beautiful community of light, love and talented, experienced teachers in my back yard but even if it were not, I would drive a distance to be part of the perfect yoga community.

– Melinda H.