yoga etiquette

The practice of yoga begins from the moment you enter Black Mountain Yoga. To create the best experience for yourself and others, please follow these guidelines:

Arriving at the Studio

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your class to allow yourself ample time to sign-in and prepare for class. All classes start on time. Please be on time or early for class.


Please speak quietly and keep talking to a minimum before class.


Please do not bring food into the studio. Water bottles are permitted and encouraged.


Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. Cubbies are available for you to store your belongings.

Cell phones

Please turn your cell phones off or to vibrate mode. Please do not take phones into the studio.


You must check in at the front desk before entering the studio for class

On your first visit you will be required to fill out a short new student registration form.

Personal Belongings

Black Mountain Yoga accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of cubby contents. Cubbies are not for overnight use.

Preparation Before Class

We provide everything you need for your yoga practice: mats, props, towels and other amenities.

Yoga is best practicing on an empty stomach, so eat lightly or not at all for 2 hours before. We have snacks for sale for after class.

Make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water both before and after class.

Tell your instructor about any injuries. This will help the instructor know how to adjust you or show you a modified pose if necessary.

In helping to improve our environment, please be conscious of the number of paper towels that you use.